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TogetherAbout 1 month ago Chase made the comment, “The only reason that I don’t know how to speak Portuguese is because you haven’t taught me”.  I didn’t realize that he was waiting on me, so I asked him what he wanted from me, because I would be thrilled to teach him Portuguese.  He said that he wanted to put a BreadPortuguese label on everything in the house and we agreed that we would do this on our upcoming date… which was fulfilled today!Cutting

Chase will be turning 12 years old in about a month and will be a candidate to receive the Aaronic priesthood and be ordained a Deacon.  So, for our devotional we opened up the Doctrine & Covenants and read about the priesthood.  We had a great discussion as we talked about the origin of the Aaronic priesthood and how is was restored to the earth by John the Baptist through Joseph Smith.  I preparing Chase for this important step in his life I am hit by how fast time passed since his birth.

After the devotional we decided to grab a quick bite to eat.  I happen to have made some delicious banana/pumpkin bread with a crumb topping, which made for an enjoyable breakfast.  I received this particular recipe from one of my new co-workers, Aaron, who was nice enough to bring some in to share with the team.  I still haven’t been able to make it as good as him, but I am getting closer.Feature

ComputerThe rest of our date was not that exciting or eventful.  We started by getting some paper to create some strips that could be used as labels. I then had Chase tell me all of the words that we would like to learn in Portuguese, which I wrote down on the labels.  He decided to think of all words that have something to do with the kitchen.  So, we created labels for the fridge, microwave, pantry, bowls, cups, etc.

Chase’s favorite new word was “Faca”, which translates to “Knife”.  The “a’s” are not pronounced the like “a’s” in the English word, “Apple”, but more like the “a’s” in the word, “Father”.  So, it sounds very close to a pretty bad swear word. I told Chase that he had better be careful teaching this word to his classmates.

We also created a Google Doc that we share, where Chase can write down sentences that he would like to learn and I would provide him with the translation.

The ball is now in Chase’s court.  Time will tell just how motivated he is to learn the language.