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“Here’s the church, here’s the steeple, open the door, see all the people…”  Let me just start by saying that Aspen and I agree that today was one of our best dates!  Aspen wanted to go our to our ward building and “play church” for our FatherMoment.  So, after waking up early and eating some grub at McDonald’s, we headed over to the chapel where we began our preparations.

We started in the library where we gathered our material.  We decided that Aspen was going to be in charge of sharing time, acting the part of the primary president.  I was going to be the primary teacher and be in charge of Sunday school.  We started by preparing the classroom, where we setup the TV and DVD player next to the chalk board in front of five chairs.  Next, we went to the primary room where we set up a few more chairs and got the mic ready.

Aspen thought that we should do sharing time first and she conducted the meeting.  We pretended that the whole room was filled with children and Aspen took turns calling on them and then listening to their responses.  At one point Aspen even felt that it was necessary to scold little, crippled, Timothy for talking out of turn and being irreverent.  (May he burn in hell for disrupting the spirit of our meeting!)  Aspen also volunteered to be the pianist, playing “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”, while I conducted.  After the song Aspen called on me to come and share my favorite scripture at the mic.  It was a little nerve-racking, but she thanked me and told me that I did a “good job”.  She then went on to teach a wonderful lesson about the priesthood and how it is used to baptize people, administer blessings to the sick, and bless the bread and water for the sacrament.  She did a great job!

After sharing time we dismissed for classes.  We made sure that we walked slowly, with our arms folded, in a single file line.  During class I took over and started by asking the children (all five of them) to tell me about their weeks.  You would be proud to know that Jonathon “got a star in his class” for being good at school, this week.  Aspen also shared that she made “fire-art” this week, in school.  She clarified that “fire-art” is not pictures doused in gasoline and introduced to a match, but rather pictures of fireworks.  After introductions I started the lesson by explaining about how prophets and apostles are special witnesses of Christ.  We then watch a short video clip with the prophet, Gordon B. Hinkley, bearing his witness of the Savior of the world.  Once the video clip was over we discussed some of the things that were mentioned.  One of the things that was mentioned was how there are 15 special witnesses on the earth, today.  We then drew pictures illustrating these special witnesses.

It was a ton of fun, mixed with some great messages!