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Pigeon Book


Scott and I were hoping to go and play a little racquetball this morning, but when we called the fitness center this morning we just got a message saying that they were closed.  This wasn’t too big of a deal because we had a Pigeon-Bookbackup plan in place.  Scott is very proud of a little pop-up book that he made at school titled, Don’t Let the Pigeon Make Apple Sauce.  For our date we decided to head on over to IHOP and read his book while enjoying a sweet breakfast.

Scott ended up on the couch in my bedroom last night around 10:00 PM, when he came in, scared the heck out of Alicia, and told her that he couldn’t sleep.  I was hesitant toPancake wake him so early, being worried that he would be really tired all day, but Alicia told me it would be okay and that she would try and convince Scott to take a nap later in the afternoon.  After waking him, we said our morning prayers to start our date and then we cuddled-up in my bed to watch a church video for our morning devotional.  We watched a video about Matthew Mok, who is a Chinese convert to the church who studied at BYU Hawaii.  The cool part of the video was when Elder Holland talked about how there was going to be a massive amount of missionary work that would being hitting Asia soon.  I was just in China this last summer and I had the very clear feeling that God was preparing these people to receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  Scott happens to be learning Chinese in his school and has the option to enroll in a Chinese immersion program next year.  I talked to Scott and predicted that he would be called to serve a mission in China when he was older.

After our devotional, we grabbed Scott’s book and headed to IHOP.  Scott ended up ordering what all of my kids order at IHOP, a chocolate smiley face pancake!  While we waited for our food to be ready we read through his book.  I loved having him read me his book, and seeing his big smile when I asked him questions about it and told him how good it was.  Being involved in the development of children is truly a divine thing.

PennyOnce we were done reading we colored on the children’s menu and played the games thereon.  One of the activities was a cross-word puzzle.  I was impressed at how Scott was able to guess a lot of the words correctly based on the clues.

When the food came Scott was quiet and very focused on eating his huge pancake, one bite at a time.  In the end I was surprised that he was able to eat the whole thing!  I Finisheddon’t think any of my other kids have been able to do this.  I made a big deal of his appetite which encourage him to ask at the end of his meal, “Dad, can we please order some more food?”  I could tell that he was a little proud of the fact that he finished his pancake when he asked if he would get a prize.  I told him that the only prize that he would get would be a stomach ache.

When we returned to our house we still had some time, so we quickly planted some tomato and kale plants that my dad had picked up for me last weekend.  It was a fun morning!