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Pencil Car

We are fast approaching Chase’s second pinewood derby!  When I asked Chase if he would prefer, “the best looking car or the fastest car”, he replied, “Both.”  So, we got some work to do!

For our devotional we talked about pornography since this happens to be the topic for the combined lesson that I will be teaching this upcoming Sunday.  We just reviewed the stories of two different young men who got involved with pornography that we found on the Combating Pornography site.  One story was about a boy who described the experience of being caught looking at porn, by his parents, as an answer to his prayers and a great relief.  In contrast, another story told of a boy who talked about how he would never tell his parents because he was afraid of what their reaction would be.  Anyway, the point that I tried to make with Chase is that I hope he comes and talks with Alicia and I when the day comes that he is exposed to porn.

After our chat we headed over to Paradise Bakery where we ordered some yummy breakfast.  We brought some blank paper and the pinewood derby wood block and spent a good amount of time brainstorming and sketching some ideas for the car’s design.  Chase came up with, and really liked, the idea of making his car look like a pencil.  I think this will be a fun looking car as well.  (I need to remember to come back to this post and add a picture of the finished product).  We then headed over to Walmart where we bought a pencil to model the car after, along with some paint that we think matched the color of the pencil.

It was a fun morning, and as always, it was great to be with Chase.