Pele’ Game Jun27


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Pele’ Game


What a fun and crazy week! William was born last week and this week I enjoyed some paternity time given by my employer. I did a lot of fun activities with my kids that Chase missed out on because he was at scout camp all week. We ended Cross-Barup doing his date on Saturday when he was home and while the little ones napped. We headed over to a park to play a game that we had started a while back at the same park. The contestBar2 was to chip or shoot a soccer ball and hit the cross bar of a goal post.

In our first game to five, Chase killed me, five to one. I ended up winning the second game as well as the tie breaker. I was surprised at just how good Chase is. We both had a lot of fun in the process.

After the “cross bar” game we moved on to play the “Pele’ game”, which is a little game I created in my youth. On person plays goalie wile the other tales the ball out to the penalty kick line. The person with the ball has to stand backwards and start with the ball on the ground. His task is to pop the ball up into the air, juggle it to the point where he can get off a shot. Once again Chase was really good at this game and exclaimed a few times that he really liked this game. It was great to be doing something with him that he enjoyed so Rainbowmuch. In the end of this game Chase ended up beating me by one point. I am sure that we will be back for a rematch!Standing