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Pass It On

There is nothing like making treats at 5:00 AM!  Scott was super cute this morning, because he was so tired.  I carried him downstairs and sat him on our coach, where I tried to snap a picture of him.  Unfortunately, our camera’s battery was dead, otherwise you would have seen a cute picture of Scott with a huge smile on his face, with both his eyes still shut.  He said, “Just a minute dad, I have to rub my eyes for a second!”  We started our FatherMoment by watching this little video, which led him to the great idea of making some treats for his friend Wyatt Wagstaff.  I loved his idea, since I enjoy baking, and I like the fact that Scott was thinking outside of himself.

Instead of cookies we decided to go with one of the same recipes that Zoe and I used back around Christmas.  It is pretty much sugar and peanut butter between pretzels, that are then dipped in chocolate.  This recipe was good for Scott because he was able to be really involved.  I made him wash his hands before we started the baking (I washed mine as well).  Scott was in charge of cutting the butter, adding all the ingredients, and then mixing them up.  When I took a picture of Scott mixing the ingredients I said, “Show me your mixing face.”  You can see what he came up with!  How many of you have a mixing face?  Next, together, we rolled the peanut butter mixture into balls and sandwiched them between square pretzels.  Surprisingly, this part did not get too messy!

There was a 30 minute period where we needed to put the “Pretzel Bites” in the freezer to set.  During this time we both had a bowl of cereal and chatted for a bit.  Yesterday, he went to the doctor’s office with Alicia, and he is still fascinated about how they took blood out of her body.  I offered to take a little blood out of his body, but he was too scared (I’ll man him up later).

After we dipped them in chocolate, we had to put them back in the fridge for a while.  It actually wasn’t until after school that Alicia took Scott over to Wyatt’s house where he was able to deliver the goodies.  It was fun to see the big smile on Scott’s face, and I am glad to see that he was happy about doing something nice for another.

Here is the recipe in case anyone wants it: Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites