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Party Pong


One problem with being a Mormon is that you are often ignorant to fun games like, Beer Pong.  Well, thanks to a little marketing project that is going down at my work, I have been introduced to this fun game.

Chocolate-BearI should note, now, that the only difference between “Beer Pong” and “Party Pong” is that one uses cups filled with beer, and the other uses a non-alcholic beverage.  Chase and I decided to use water.Toast

Before playing, we opened the laptop and watch the most recent video on title, “Mountains to Climb“.  It was very well done and led Chase and I to have a nice little discussion about how opposition and challenges are a strategic part of God’s Plan of Happiness.  Chase and I are both challenged with good looks.  We talked about how we probably won’t get much sympathy from others because most people simply can’t comprehend this burden.  It was at this moment that Chase and I connected.

The next step in our date was going to the internet and finding some official rules for Beer Pong.   The game is set up with cups on each end of a table filled with beer.  Players (or teams) take turns trying to throw or Long-Tossbounce a ping pong ball into the other player’s (or team’s) cups.  Each time you do this, that person has to remove the cup and drink the contents.  There are a few other rules, as well.  After familiarizing ourselves with the game we set things up and started playing.Toss

After Chase had drank three cups of water he asked that we change the rules a bit, making it so we didn’t have to drink any more cups for the rest of the game.  I didn’t have any problem with this at all!  Our first game was very close, with myself taking the victory.  Chase dominated the second game and shouted aloud with excitement when he won the second.  We got a little silly on the third game by doing things like bouncing the ball off our head or tossing the ball behind our back.  This gave me an advantage and threw Chase off of his game, leading to my final victory.

We should have established a prize up front where the loser had to take off his shirt and the winner could throw the ping pong ball at the other person’s bare back as hard as he could.  This would have made the game funner (for me, at least)!