Park & Pastries Jun29


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Park & Pastries

Well, my FatherMoments continue to be a little rushed and unplanned as Alicia and I make it through a little crazy season.  Nonetheless, Aspen and I woke early and headed out early to make the most of a beautiful morning.  Lola was awake again so we took her along with us so that Alicia’s morning would be a little easier.  She sure is a cute little thing that helps make our dates that much better.  Not to mention she adds some cuteness to our photos.

Aspen is a fan of Shirley’s Bakery and decided that some cinnamon rolls would be a great breakfast to take with us to the park.  I don’t mean to be so cheap, but I couldn’t help but buy the day old bag of pastries that were 50% off.  Another factor that forced me to chose them was that there was only four pastries in the bag.  If I would have purchased the cinnamon rolls then we would have ended up with a lot of leftovers.

With the goodies in our possession we headed off to the park where we simply sat at a picnic table and ingested the delicious meal.  Once we were all sticky we played around and took some pictures.

It was a simple little date, but it sure was nice to sneak off!