Paper Planes Jan06


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Paper Planes

The New Year has started and Chase and I kicked it off with a great FatherMoment!

Chase has been working on the Faith in God program, so we spent the morning memorizing the 6th Article of Faith and discussing what it meant.  He has a great brain and is good at memorizing!  Because it is a little cold in our house, we decided to make up some cups of hot cocoa and have a little toast during our devotional.  We have a family resolution for the New Year to only eat a sweet breakfast once a week, on Saturday.  So, the days of getting donuts and cinnamon rolls with my kids on Friday morning are going to be over for while (depending on how good we do with our new goal).  However, I will admit that hot chocolate and toast with butter, cinnamon, and sugar on top is not much better.  Oh well!  baby steps away from our fat lifestyle traditions are still steps in the right direction.

For our activity we were dressed and already to play a little indoor soccer, but last minute I told Chase about another idea that I had that got him excited.  Chase is always making paper airplanes!  In fact, he has been grounded from the paper in our house on several occasions because of the paper airplanes that he leaves littered throughout the house.  Anyway, I suggested that we go to the church and have a little paper airplane contest in the gym.  Chase loved the idea!

The rules were that we would both make 5 different planes, and then launch each of them 3 times.  Whoever had the farthest flight would be declared the winner.  Chase has a paper airplane book and ended up building the “Hammer”, “Basic”, “Rocket”, and some other planes.  I built the 2 planes that I know from my childhood and then tried inventing three others (that sucked).  Chase informed me that one of my planes is actually categorized as a “toy”, and is called the “Hurricane”.  Should I be concerned that Chase authoritatively made this statement?

Anyway, we started the contest and Chase’s planes killed mine.  He has a lot more experience than I do!  However, after the contest we spent another 30 minutes tweaking our planes and re-launching them, and in the end I had the record for the longest flight.  It is important that I note this for the history books.  You might be surprised to how hard I tried to beat Chase’s record.  When was the last time that you crossed yourself in an LDS church before throwing a paper airplane?

Let the New Year of FatherMoments begin!