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Paper Game


Lola jean is the cutest little girl!  She gets so excited for our dates, which makes me feel good as a father who is trying to create a good relationship and meaningful memories with my kids. Last night, she woke up and came into my room Scorpionand 1:00 AM asking if it was time for her date.  Alicia told her “No”, and she simply said, “Okay”, then walked quietly back to her room and went back to bed.  She woke up on her own Paperagain at 5:35 AM and came into my room and woke me up, since I forgot to set my alarm last night.  What a cutie!

I tried to start our date with a little devotional, but Lola was not interested in watching a “church movie”.  I was able to talk her into it by showing her that there was a moving about a scorpion. I love that she is such a tomboy!

After our movie we simply went in to our kitchen and sat at the table where started making our little paper game for her.  I am sure the official name of this game, but I am sure that everyone has played it.

Lola helped me carefully fold the paper and then she picked the numbers and shapes that she wanted on the top and inside.  Last Lola picked four possible results, which were… 1) “You’re nice”  2) “You’re mean”  3) “You’re stupid”  4) “You’re awesome”.

FeatureI should have taken this moment to teach her the principle of having opposition in all things.

After making the game we played several rounds, which made Lola laugh hard every time the result was something negative.  She also enjoyed playing this game with her siblings as they Donutsrolled out of bed and came down for lunch.

Of course, as soon as it was 6:30 AM and the bakery was open, we slipped off to get our traditional doughnut.  It was a perfect morning!