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Pao de Queijo

TogetherWe have some great neighbors, the Sousas, who brought us home a mix of Pao de Queijo (Cheese Bread) from Brazil that Chase has been dying to make.  We took him to Rodizio a few weeks back to celebrate that he had finished reading the SmaugGameBook of Mormon for the second time, and he was introduce to this cheesy bread.  He really likes it and was excited to make it for our date!Pao

For our devotional we read about Nephi, Joseph Smith, and Mormon and how they were all really young when they started doing some amazing things.  I tried to liken them unto Chase and let him know about how impressive I think he is.  Chase is currently tagged as a punk by his school’s principals and all of his teachers.  He has a disrespectful side to him that really conflicts with any adult that is tries to control him.  It gets worse if they adopt a condescending approach.  Anyway, Alicia and I worry about his behavior outside of the GameOvenhome, so it felt great to spend some time with him this morning and try to build him up and let him know that I know he is and will continue to be amazing.

After chatting we headed to the kitchen to make the Pao de Queijo.  All of the instructions were in Portuguese and they stated that we should mix everything up with our hands.  I am wondering if hand mixers are not a common small appliance in Brazil.  When I lived there I was in the AEatingmazon jungle, so my experience was very third world.  I assumed things were a little more “normal” in the big cities.  Anyway, the bread was quickly made and placed in the oven.  While it was baking we played Chase’s homemade game that him and Alicia put several hours into making.  This is a game that mimicks one of our favorite card games called, Guillotine, except for it was themed around the book, The Hobbit.   Chase and Alicia named their game, “Smaug Snacks”.

After playing, we pulled the hot bread out of the oven and enjoyed this nice Brazilian food.  Thanks to the Sousa family!  Obrigado!