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How many time does one little girl need to change he mind before making a decision about which outfit to buy?  Well, tonight with Aspen it was 11!

Aspen has been overly excited to go on a date this week and was glad that we were able to move our date to Friday evening when the stores would be open (specifically U-swirl).   I happen to have had a $20 in-store credit for Kohls, which made it so Aspen was able to pick out a little outfit tonight.  We started our date with a little prayer where Aspen was able to ask that her “dad could cheer up”, since I had just thrown a few bikes the kids hadn’t put away for the 5th day in a row 😉  We then headed to the store.

Aspen was really cute because she started by looking through all of the women’s clothing looking for the perfect outfit for her mother.  At one point she had settle on a simple purple shirt that Alicia would be able to wear to the gym.  However, before finalizing the decision she wanted to go look through all the clothing in the girl department as well.  To make a long story short Aspen had finalized her decision about 7 times before we were able to get out of there.  During this process I had to stop two different ladies to help me determine what size I should buy for Aspen.  We also had to stop another lady to have her take our picture.  The really cute thing that I was getting a kick out of was how Aspen talks to herself while she shops.  She made little comments like, “Ooh, that is really cute!” or “That’s pretty!”.  My favorite are when she encourages herself with comments like, “I am just going to go ahead a do it” (referring to making a decision to buy a particular outfit).

In the end I needed to lie a little bit and tell Aspen that if we didn’t hurry then we wouldn’t have enough time to go and get some frozen yogurt.  Aspen laughed because I cover her eyes the whole way that walked to the cash register.  I told her that I couldn’t let her see anything else because I knew it would make her change her mind.  You will see in the picture above the outfit that I think she should have bought versus the one that she ended up going with.

She slipped on her new outfit in the car on the way to U-Swirl because she was very excited to wear it.  We had a nice little chat while eating our treats.  We got home a little late and I was able to get her tucked in.