Oreo Balls Dec27


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Oreo Balls


Today marks the last FatherMoment date of 2013, as well as three official years of dates with my children without missing a single week!

Cream-CheeseLola was the lucky child that I got to go on a date with this morning.  Our date actually started last night because I let her have a sleep over with me, since her bed was still Oreosdamp from being washed.

We woke up early while everyone else was still snoozing to make one of our most favorite desserts that we only seem to make at Christmas time.  Before jumping into the kitchen we had a little morning devotional watching a great video that teaches the difference between Mormon temples and Mormon chapels.

Next, we went to the kitchen where we started making the goods.  My niece, Brooke Lynn, was supposed to make some Oreo Balls for our Christmas Eve party, but ended up forgetting to.  Lola and I were still craving them and we were planning on our good friends, the Dobrons, to come an stay with us; so, we thought this would be occasion to make these Beatersyummy treats.

OreosLola is the cutest little kitchen companion in the world.  I am much more patient when baking with my children on our dates.  I try to let them do most of the baking.  Lola was excited to add the Oreos to our food processor and grind them up, she was great at using the hand mixer, and she loves licking the beaters.

While we baked we had a great little chat and Lola was in the most pleasant mood.  After forming the balls they are required to chill before dipping them in chocolate; so, we were only able to get half-way done.  We ended up dipping them later that evening.

It was a wonderful date that Lola seemed to enjoy.