Office Visit Sep26


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Office Visit


Scotland is one of the cutest little guys that I have ever met. He has the sweetest little personality and he makes me smile and laugh.

StrudelsI woke Scotland early and he popped right out of bed excited to go on our date.  We hadn’t had time to make any plans the night before and I suggested that we make some dessert for the BBQ that we were going to be having that weekend.  Scott dismissed my suggestions with little thought and said, “What I really was hoping we could do is go to your office again.  I reallyFeature like that.”  Easy enough!

We started with a prayer and then jumped in the car.  To try an make our FatherMoment into something a little more special, I suggested that we stop by the grocery store to pick up something fun for breakfast.  Scott was excited about getting some Toaster Strudels, which is a win for me as well.

While driving I chatted with Scott about his life.  He is really liking his school and has been making some good friendships with several of his classmates.  He likes his teacher and enjoys schools.  I had a chance to thank him for his great obedient nature.  He is extremely good about doing his chores and accomplishing the tasks that we give him promptly with no rebuttal.  He is our child that is usually the first in bed, first ready for family prayer or scriptures, first to get in the car, etc.  I am really grateful for him and it was nice to be able to express my appreciation for his great behavior.  We also talked about how he is liking soccer.  Scott was proud to say that he is the second fastest on his team.

GameOnce we got to my work we read the First Presidency message from the Friend while we waited for our strudels to toast.  This led to a unhurried gospel discussion that was sweet for me as a Father with the responsibility to teach my children. Scott is definitely an enlighten child that seems to absorb and comprehend the truths of the gospel.  These moments are my favorite Chewypart of our dates, when I have a chance to give my undivided attention to my child and watch the Holy Ghost teach them.  It is so awesome!

After our breakfast devotional we played a little Street Fighter on the arcade.  I feel bad because we only had about 7 minutes to actually play, but Scott didn’t seem to notice or mind that the bulk of the date had been spent on shopping, driving, and discussing the message from the Friend.

It was a great date!