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No Balloons


Ever since our last date, when Scott and I went to Walmart to buy a gumball machine, he has been dreaming about going  back to buy a balloon set that is used to make balloon sculptures.  You can imagine by looking at Scott’s face in the featured picture how he felt when we discovered that there were no balloon sets in stock.  He was a little disappointed!

Our FatherMoment actually started the day before when we planned the date.  Scotland was excited when he told me that he wanted to make “animals out of balloons”.  I told him that I would stop by and pick up a kit so that we could spend he bulk of time actually sculpting the balloons.  About 30 minutes later, Scotland approached me in the cutest manner and asked, “Dad I really wanted to go to the store with you and buy the balloons; so, is there any way that we can do this together?”  It is made me realized how much the kids liking doing this probably since it is only occurring one every four weeks for them.  To me, it feels like we are always going to the store for our dates, which doesn’t seem like much of a experience.  Anyway, it was good to hear and know that Scott really likes the experience.

After starting our date with a little prayer, we watched a video about a little albino boy who makes some pretty cool balloon sculptures.  When I was in the jungles of Brazil I lived in a village where there were several albinos.  I told Scott some stories about one of them, Marcicle (not sure how to spell his name) who was an inspiring individual.  After this devotional we headed to the store.

We needed to stop and get a little gas for the car on the way over, which gave Scott a chance to get out and work the pump.  He likes this!

Once we were at Walmart we headed right back to the toy section to buy the balloons.  Like I mentioned, we couldn’t find them anywhere.  We searched for a while and then finally gave up.  As an alternative Scott ended up selecting a slingshot for purchase.  This was, of course, after I shot him down on about 15 other toys that were $20+.  In the end he seemed happy with the slingshot, and ultimately he had a lot of fun playing with it all day.  To sweeten the pot we decided to head over to the bakery and get the little man a doughnut.  On our way over I noticed that Scotland was having a hard time walking faster than a sloth.  I took a picture of the root of the problem.  Scott dressed himself and decided to wear some old sandals that were a little small for his feet.

In route of the bakery we passed some Halloween costumes.  Scotland wanted to try on a few masks.  Which one is your favorite?  I like the clown because it matches his personality best!

Arriving at the bakery was another kick in the gut for Scott since there were no doughnuts!  This is when I had a chance to be the hero.  I had to flirt with a few Walmart associates in Spanish, and even show a little leg, but in the end I was able to get them to go into the back and slip out a chocolate doughnut.  The morning was saved!