Nice Acts Aug09


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Nice Acts

TogetherLola is one fun little girl!  I am so glad that she is now apart of my FatherMoment Dates.  You can tell that she is still not used to being woken up early!  It takes her a while to wake up and I think she is the cutest little things when she is lite a Sleepinglittle lion cub waking up from a nap.  As soon as she is up and aware that her date is about to start, she quickly livens up!Awake

To start our date we watched a little Mormon video about the boy who gives away his new homemade coat to a little boy who was cold.  Lola really liked the video and asked that we watch it twice.  It was fun talking through the movie and asking Lola questions to see if she understood the message.  While we were on the subject of being nice, I asked her a few questions.  Here was our dialogue…

What do you do that is nice? –> “I play with Heavenly Father and I play with Leam (her cousin)”

Who is nice to you? –> “Leam”

What does he do that is nice? –> “He can play with me.”

VideoHow do you feel when people are nice to you? –> “It makes me hCandyurt.”

She must not have understood the last question 😉  Her answers are very sincerely and thoughtful, which just makes them cuter.

After our lesson we headed over to the store to buy donuts.  Since that it what we did on our first date, her concept of a date is an occasion when we go and buy donuts.  Since the lesson was about being nice and sharing, we decided that we should pick up donuts for all the kids.  Of course, while we were at the store we play around a lot and had a good time.

Lola was excited to pick out the donuts and give them to her siblings.  It was was a great second date!