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New Swimmer

Guess who is officially swimming?  Alicia took Zoe swimming last week and was able to get her to swim from the middle of the pool to the edge, all by herself.  On the day that this happened, Zoe was extremely excited to tell me, and she made up her mind, then, that she wanted to go swimming for our next date.

To start our FatherMoment we watched some church videos and read and article from the Friend about families.  Zoe was very engaged in this morning’s study as it ended up lasting about 40 minutes.  I also think that it had an influence on her, because at the end of our date we returned home with just one doughnut for Zoe.  She decided to cut it into four equal pieces and share them with her siblings.  She does not have a great history of sharing, so this was neat to see.  I was especially impressed that she did this before anyone even asked her to share.

Anyway, after our study we drove to my parent’s place and snuck into the backyard where we did some hot-tubbing.  Zoe was excited to show me how she could “swim” from one side of the hot tub to the other.  I will still need to take her to a real pool on some other occasion where she will be better able to showcase her new ability.

As I mentioned earlier, we had time to stop at the grocery store and let her pick a doughnut for herself.

My favorite moment on the date was the drive to my parent’s place when she told me all about her first week of kindergarten.  She is such a cute girl and I love her personality.  One of my favorite things about the way she talks is how she quotes herself and laughs at herself aloud.

I love the girl!