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Napping Fort

Is there anything better than spending quality time with your child while napping?  Okay, I can think of a few things, but I must say that I loved Scotland’s idea of building a fort and then napping in it!

We didn’t start our Fathermoment with the usual devotion.  Instead, I picked up Scott from his preschool at 11:30 AM and took him straight to the library where he picked out about 20 books for us to read before taking a nap.  This was the funnest part of the date because he just talked my ear off while I listened.  I love the way Scott talks!  One of these days I am going to have to film him having a conversation and then post it on this blog, so everyone will know what Alicia and I stay up late at night talking about.  He is super cute!

After the library we decided to hit McDonalds for lunch.  Scotland wanted some chicken nuggets and was craving some fries.  The place was packed with kids from Lehi High, which made it a crazy environment.  The funniest part was when Scott sincerely asked me, “Would it be okay if I drank the ketchup?”.  How do you say no to such an innocent request?

After lunch we returned to our house where we made a wonderful, yet simple, fort.  I had a heavy influence on the design, ensuring that the queen-sized mattress was used as the foundation.  This was a clever way of making sure that I didn’t have to sleep on the floor.  The fort was erected quickly and then we jumped in and read two books.  The first was called, “If…”, which had some cool pictures illustrating hypothetical questions such as, “What if lighting made rhinos?’.  The second book was about two brother moles who had a disagreement about what to do.  We renamed the moles to “Scott” and “Matt” to make it more ineresting.  We enjoyed both the books!

From there, it was lights out!