Muffin Man Jan27


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Muffin Man

Do you know the muffin man?  The MUFFIN MAN!

Alicia made up some blueberry muffins (from the box) last week and Scotland has been talking about them ever since.  He was very decisive on wanting to make some muffins for our FatherMoment’s date.  We started with a little wrestling match to work up our appetites for the homemade muffins that we were going to attempt.  Whenever Scott-Dogg and I wrestle we start by establishing our “powers”.  This morning Scotland had the ability to freeze me by simply holding out his two hands and saying, “Freeze”.  I had to count to ten before I would be unfrozen.  The only problem was that Scotland would re-say, “Freeze”, as soon as I got to nine.  This prompted me to add a limit to the number of times that we could invoke our superhuman gifts.  My power was that I could temporary blind Scott.  To use my power I just had to simply poke him in the eye.  It proved to be more effective than Scott’s power, for after using it, just once, he did not want to wrestle any more.

After the battle, we found a highly rated, and used, recipe on for some banana muffins.  Scott was responsible for peeling the bananas and adding all the ingredients, except for the eggs.  He is actually great at cracking the eggs, but it is hard to get them off the floor and into the bowl.  So, for now, I reserve the task of adding the eggs for myself.  The nice thing about the recipe was the delicious crumb topping.  It also made them look more gourmet.

The muffins turned out perfectly, and were devoured within minutes.  We plan on making them again soon!