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Movie Star


Aspen is now officially famous, starring in her first film! For our date, this morning Aspen came to work with me and help create a video where she helped demonstrate just how easy DIY repair can be.   We started our date at Home Depot Home-Depotwhere we picked up a cute little apron and a tool belt so she would look like a cute little handy girl.   The next step was to drive to my work.Set

On the way I was trying to be funny, talking as if I were a seasoned actor and giving ridiculous advice.  For example, I taught her how to pull off a perfect “confused face”, as well as the teaching her the appropriate time to employ such a face.   I also taught her a “cute face” and a “surprised face”. I am sure that these faces will bless her life in diverse ways for years to come.

Once we arrived we walked Aspen through a dry run of the repair so that she would know what she was doing.   In the end she pulled it off and was amazing.   Here is a link to the video so that you can see for yourself:  Aspen’s Video

Aspen was a little natural and it was really cute to see in her action.

ScrewdriverUpdate: So, when I decided to have Aspen been in a film for my work, I was totallyHammer dabbling with an idea.  Long story short, after publishing the video we did a press release about the story and the media loved it!  To put it in perspective a good press release will have about 60k headline impressions.  If you get over 100K then you are killing it.  The last time I looked her press release had over 740K, which is insane.  It was picked up by CBS, the Washington Post and other big media outlets. I plan on having her come back and help me with a few more videos.  We are thinking of running an Aspen Series.  Also, Aspen has been invited onto all three local news stations for a video interview.

Here is her video from KSL.

Here is her video from KUTV.