Moonlight Dip Aug26


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Moonlight Dip

Nothing like a swimming at 5:00 AM!  It was a beautiful still morning with a crescent moon still in the sky and a glassy pool of water.

Aspen was very excited to go swimming for our FatherMoment.  Our plan A, to swim at the Lehi legacy center, was foiled as we arrived to a parking lot surrounded with barricades.  We happened to have picked the one week, each year, that the entire facility is closed for cleaning.  Next we headed over to the American Fork outdoor pool, which ended up being nicer setting anyways.  In the morning the kids section, which normally has water spraying all over the place, was calm and still.  We were the only people in the kids section of the pool.  Having the whole pool to ourselves was very nice!

The first thing that Aspen was excited to show me was how she can “duck-dive”.  Ever since she watched the movie, Soul Surfer, she pretends that she is a surfer.  After teaching me how to effectively do this, we played another game where Aspen would kick off the edge of the pool and see how far she could glide before needing to come up for a breath of air.  She ended up beating her own record four times!  The last game that we played was that of a race around the lazy river.  The catch was that we started from the same spot, but then swam in opposite directions until we would met again.  She beat me both races!

After swimming for a while, we were kicked out of the kid’s pool by one of the lifeguards.  This caused us to move to the main pol where we played for only a few minutes.  The main pool is colder that the kids pool, so we quickly decided to head up to my parents place and warm up in their hot tub.  Afer hot-tubbing,  we ended the date with Aspen showing me a few of her new tricks on the tramp.

This was  great end to our date!