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Monster Shirt

Can you believe that this shirt is homemade?  This morning’s FatherMoment was a little bit different due to the fact that the kids don’t have any school this week.  Zoe and I didn’t get started until 6:30 AM, which was very nice since I still need to catch up on some sleep after a business trip to San Fransisco.  Anyways, we ended up having a wonderful morning designing a monster t-shirt using a little kit purchased at Hobby Lobby.

We started the day with some bible studies.  Zoe loved the story of how Potiphor’s wife tried to seduce young Joseph.  She especially like adding “seduce” to her vocabulary and made a point to use it several times this morning.  Do you think that she is using the word out of context in her question, “Do donuts seduce you, dad?”  That was a good question.  I didn’t know what to tell her!  She also loved pointing out that Potipher’s wife’s dress, “Is NOT very modest!”

After our scriptures study we started the process of cutting out iron-on monster parts and arranging them on a plain black t-shirt.  There are quite a few decisions that Zoe was forced to make, such as, “One eye, or two?, “Scary teeth, or cute lips?”, “Arms, or wings?”.  I was very impressed with her decisiveness.  I am pretty sure that her quick answers were powered by the concern that she had of not having enough time to go and get donuts.  Towards the end of the shirt building process she was pressuring me to “hurry up”.

In the end I think that her shirt turn out to be a master piece!  We had a wonderful morning!