Monster High Feb15


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Monster High


All week long Zoe has been super excited to watch Monster High for our date.  She has been telling me about her favorite parts, and was thrilled to give me the real-time play-by-play even as we watched the movie.  She is super cute!

TVSo, our FatherMoment was very simple this morning.  I simply woke up my baby girl, and we went and cuddled-up under a princess blanket and watch a movie.  It was super nice being able to hold my little princess for over and hour.  I must admit that my eyes didn’t stay open the entire time, but I was definitely awake.  Smile

I can see why Zoe loves this movie.  If you have ever been around Zoe you will quickly hear that she talked like a little valley-girl.  She is also very into her clothes.  Not that she is exactly up-to-date on the newest styles and fashions, but simply because she is very emotional and opinionated about her clothes.  Currently she owns one outfit that she is able to tolerate, and the rest bring her to tears and ruin her Movielife on a regular basis.  I must say that I will never worry about the world walking all over Zoe since she is a strong-willed little girl who relates well to extreme fashioned teen monsters.

After the movie, we wrestled around and pretended that we were monsters.  As simple as the date was, you will see from the pictures that I got some huge smiles out of Zoe.  It made for a great start to my day!