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Monopoly must be the best game ever made!  It seems like I have played this game so many times over the years with my brothers.  It was our go-to-game every time there we had a late night as kids.  Well, now I am gearing up for another Devotionalseason of monopoly as I am starting to play it with my kids.

Aspen and I cuddled up and read scriptures for about 30 minutes before starting our date.  She has a goal to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year.  She has been waking up with me every morning this week at 6:00 AM and reading them with me.  I have been really impressed with her because this week happens to be Spring Break and she has been staying up later Featurethan usual and she seems really tired in the morning.  We have a cute little routine going on.  I go in and wake her up and she asks if I’ll carry her down the stairs.  It is fun holding my first little baby girl carefully as I walk down the stairs in the dark.  I plop her on the chair next to our fireplace, turn on the fire, and cover her with a blanket.

After reading we broke out Monopoly and started playing.  I was the Train (my token of choice for over 20 years), and she was the Iron.  She says that she is not sure what her token of choice is, yet, and is in the process of trying them all out.  We played “Gardner” house rules which includes getting $500 every time you roll snake-eyes and putting a $500 bill in the middle of the board and adding payments from utilities, Chance cards, and Community Chest cards into the middle as well.  Of course, this pot is given to whomever lands on Free Parking.

BoardAspen had some crazy luck with her.  She landed on Free Parking twice, rolled snake-eyes twice and had hotels up on Board Walk and BoardwalkPark Place with 10 minutes of play.  In the end, I didn’t have any monopolies and Aspen had two.  She also had a stack of cash.  We had to end the game early because I needed to go to work, but it was clear that Aspen was going to win.  I was a little disappointed that she didn’t gloat one bit… not even a victory dance!  I need to spend a little more time with her, teaching her how to win in style.  You can tell than my lack of presence in the home is starting to have an effect on Aspen.  She is more humble than ever.