Mini Golf Sep09


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Mini Golf

Four!  When is the last time that  you got hit by a golf bowl while playing miniature golf?  As you can see from the picture, Scotland has a pretty big swing!

Scotland had been asking to go golfing with me for a while.  The original thought was to take him to a park where he could swing a few irons, but unfortunately I don’t own a set of small clubs; so, we decided to just make a trip to our local Trafalga fun center and play a round of 18.

We had to make a few adjustments to our date since Scotland is now in preschool, and there are no places to take him golfing at 5:00 AM.  We still woke up early to do a little scripture study, but then we waited until after his school before our activity.  This morning’s study was on the story of the good Samaritan, as well as the Golden Rule.  My favorite part of the study actually came after when I got to hear Scott re-tell the story to Alicia.  Scott has a very unique mannerism to the way he talks.  You would have to experience it to understand and fully appreciate it, but for the most part he sounds like trial lawyer stating the facts of a case.  Alicia and I love it!

While we were golfing we ended up playing a little side game where Scotland would do whatever was necessary to keep my ball from going in the cup.  On several of the holes I had to wrestle him to the ground just to keep him from blocking the cup.  Scott loved this side game more than he enjoyed trying to get his own ball in the cup.  Another cute thing was how half way through the round, he realized that it was easier to just kick the ball.  It was funny to watch him try and kick his moving golf ball.  He was averaging about three strikes to every successful connection.  I would have taken a moment to explain to him that this is “cheating”, but as you can see from the pictures of him running up and putting his ball where it needed to go, Scotland is the type of guys who readily justifies the means to an end.

I am not sure who actually won, but in my mind, I think I deserve the victory!