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Melty Way

TogetherWell since the kids were up late last night due to Halloween, I let Aspen sleep in a bit this morning by postponing our FatherMoment date until the evening.  I am grateful that SignAlicia allowed us to do this.

Aspen and I decided to go and get a bite to eat for our date, since this is something that we are not able to do in the early Linemorning when most restaurants are closed.  There is a newer restaurant by us that Aspen hadn’t tried yet called, Melty Way.  They server gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, and that sounded good to Aspen.

When we arrived I had Aspen stand on top of my car so that I could take her picture with the store’s sign in the background.  Aspen thought this was quite fun and added a little air guitar to the pose.  She then had me carry her into the restaurant.

SandwichWhile we waited for our food I had the most enjoyable chat with Aspen.  We talked about her schooling, which she is doing really well Croodsin.  I thanked her for being such a good child and shared with her a comment that Alicia had recently made about how Aspen was our one child that gets along with everyone in the family.  She truly is a great little peacemaker who is eager to try and make others happy by either sharing something  or doing something to serve them.

We spent a lot of our conversation talking about the type of boy that Aspen will want to marry one day.  She is still young and innocent and had the answers that a dad wants to hear.  She wants a future husband who will serve a mission and read his scriptures on a daily basis.  She wants a boy who will respect her and remember to open her door and pull out her chair for her.  I was really glad to hear this because I make a point to never let my daughters open their own doors when we are on dates.  In fact, they sometimes think it is a game and try and get out of the car before I can rush around and get the door for them.  Tonight when we were done eating Aspen was being silly and tried to open my door for me.  I wouldn’t let her, but she insisted.  So, I tricked her and said, “Okay, I will let you open my door, but after you open it let me come around and get your door.”  She agreed.  She opened my door and then we walked around and she let me open her door.  After she got in the car, I went back to my open door, shut it, and then reopened it for myself.  She laughed and thought this was quite funny.

When we got home we cuddled up and watch, The Croods.

It was a great night being able to listen and be with my little girl.