Meal Plan Oct12


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Meal Plan

I am one of the worst parents when it comes to being involved with Chase’s cub scout program!  So, it felt great to spend some time this morning working on the Fitness Requirements which are apart of his Webelos program.  I actually have strong feelings in support of the cub scout program and feel like it is a great resource for me, as a parent, to help teach my children important things.  I also like the interaction that Chase gets with other adults who are reinforcing things being taught in our home.  Anyway, my level of involvement has been pathetic and I plan on doing better in the future.  This morning was a good start and it felt great!

The morning air was a bit chilly, and hot chocolate was the perfect way to warm up.  Chase is like his Grandma Thompson who loves her daily cup of cocoa.

After the warm sweet poison was flowing through our bodies, we started our traditional morning devotional.  We watched a video about skiing and boundaries.

Next, we dived right into his Webelos handbook.  Chase has some amazing cub scout leaders who had already started the requirements, so we just picked up from where they had left off.  Our task was to read a chapter on meal planning and then have Chase actually plan out meals for the upcoming week.  You can see from the picture that we took the time to do this right.  You will also see that Chase planned some good foods, like steak and potatoes.

After creating the plan, we still had some time and Chase requested that we play a game.  He wanted to play Stratego again, but I suggested that we play Dominion, which we ended up doing.  I love that Chase is getting old enough to play strategy games because that has always been a nerdy side of me that I didn’t get to use much.  None of my friends were into these type of games, my old girlfriend preferred card games, and my older brother, Rick, was not much competition.  Anyway, we only had time for one quick game of Dominion, but it was really fun.  I am anxious to play it with him again.  I think I will invite Chase to stay up late and play this with Alicia and I this weekend!