Love Note Jul06


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Love Note

One of the best parts about going on dates with my kids is seeing the smile that instantly comes to their face the moment I wake them up!  This morning Zoe had a hard time opening her eyes, but her face lit up.  She tried popping up immediately and stumbled around for a second before she was ready to go.

We started by watching a little video about how Christ healed the woman who touched his robe as he was passing.  Next we gathered all of the art supplies that Zoe received from her grandparents on her birthday a few weeks ago.  As we started assessing our project materials we decided that we were going to create a little note for Alicia letting her know how much we love her.  Zoe was chatting with me the same time and really enjoyed showing off her skills in peeling off the glue dots.  After making the note I had the idea to take some scissors and create some round wavy edges around the border.  Zoe said, “Dad, your idea to cut around the edges was really cute!”  Of course this made me feel quite important.

We needed something to go along with the note and since we didn’t have any fresh flowers available we decided that we would make Alicia a little breakfast in bed.  We happen to have made banana bread the night before, so simply whipped up some eggs to go with it.  The plate still looked a little bare so we added a little ketchup bottle for effect.

We sang a made up song to Alicia about how much we love her as we entered her room and presented her with the surprise.  It was a lot of fun!  I know that Alicia didn’t sleep too well during the night, so I hope this helped start her day off better.