Ladders Jun03


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I just couldn’t beat her!  Aspen and I decided to play a little game of Ladders in the backyard for our FatherMoment.  I couldn’t believe how good she ended up being, which made for a fun competitive game.  One of the reasons that I was so surprised with her game was due to fact that she launch one of her balls-on-string over the fence when we were posing for an action shot.  Once the game started, however, she was a true performer.  I also got to see a new side of Aspen that I have never seen before.  Sometimes when I scored higher than her, she would run to the ladder, grab my balls-on-strings and throw them as far as she could, so that I would have to go and fetch them.  She even tried cheating a few times.  In addition, there was some excellent trash-talk being spit from her mouth, as well as some in-your-face gloating after rounds when she dominated.  It was good to see that she has a side to her that is not 100% sweet and loving.  It gives me hope that she will not get walked all over in this cruel world 🙂  I personally think that trash talking makes sports about twice as fun, hence the reason that I enjoyed playing with my little girl so much.

Now, many of you are probably wondering who won… well, it depends on how you look at it.  I beat Aspen two out of three rounds, but if you add up the scores from all three rounds you will see that Aspen’s total was 101 and my total was only 87.  She dominated me the first game!