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La Roca

I finally made it to one of Chase’s soccer games (well…. half of it at least)!  I missed his last tournament because I was on a campout with a youth group from my neighborhood, and the tournament before that was during the BYU EMBA “Residency Week”.  So, it was so nice to get to a game and be able to watch Chase in action.

I woke Chase at 5:00 AM which gave us some time to start our date with a little prayer and scripture study.  We read from the Book of 2 Timothy when Paul was writing unto his own son.  The part we read was about the “love of money” and how it is the “root of all evil”.  We had a good little discussion about how “having” money is not a problem and how it is different that “loving” money.  Chase found this topic interesting and engaged actively in the discussion.

After our devotional we went and watched some soccer highlights from the Olympics.  First we watched the US woman’s teams defeat Japan for the gold medal, and then we watched Brazil’s men defeat the Koreans to advance to the final game.  I thought these videos would pump Chase up for his game that I would be taking him to.

After the videos we headed to Kneaders for some breakfast.  Unfortunately, Kneaders doesn’t open until 7:00 AM, so we were skunked.  Instead we headed up to his game in West Jordan and ended up eating at a Village Inn, which we were both pleased with.  I made Chase pose for a picture before we left the restaurant, which he was excited to do (sarcasm)!  He hates having to pose for pictures on our FatherMoment dates when he is in public.  I like to tease him about this.

We finally made it to his game and his coach was not there, which made it so I was able to lead his team in a few warm up drills.  I miss playing soccer and being Chase’s coach, so this was quite enjoyable.  In the end I was only able to stay for the first half of his game, but it was great watching Chase play.  He did well!