Just Dance 2 Jan13


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Just Dance 2

Nothing like a little booty shak’in to start the day!  Alicia and I  both pride ourselves in our God given ability to cut a little rug.  In fact, one of Alicia’s biggest regrets in life is never having performed at the bar.  As for me, I have had my nights of glory on the stage, and now my work and my glory is to bring to pass the improvised rythmatic motion of my children to a deaf beat.

Well, since our house was 50 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, Aspen and I were in need of a little “warm up”.  We started by holding a super-sized fleece blanket in front of our fireplace to get it warm.  Next, we cuddled all bundled-up and read some scriptures.  This morning’s lesson was about the importance of a living prophet.  We then read some parts from President Thomas S. Monson’s address at the last conference in October.

After scriptures we were still cold and decided to get a little hot cocoa to warm our innards.  Okay, it wasn’t just a little… we both had two mugs.

Next we warmed our muscles and joints with some stretching.  Aspen has been working really hard to be able to do the splits.  This morning she showed me what “wall splits” are.  I didn’t bother trying it!

To finalize the FatherMoment we fired-up the Wii, loaded with Just Dance 2, and pulled out some of our best moves.  Well, to be honest, the best moves don’t come out when we have to mimic what’s being done on the screen.  We are both much better in improv-mode.  Personally, I find it hard to really shine these days without a pole.  Nonetheless, we were quite the site, and it was a fantastic morning!