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In case you haven’t heard…. Zoe got her ears pierced last month!  Now, one of her favorite things is to switch her earrings several times on a daily basis.  Since this is causing her ears to get infected I decided to remedy this by helping her create “the most amazing earrings that you have ever seen”.  With such a pair of fine jewelery hanging from your ears, there would be no need to switch them.

To mix it up we decided to go to my parents place and include our fabulous cousin, Addison Story Gardner.  We laid out all of our jewelery making equipment on the table and got to work.  Grandma Lynn proved to be an excellent craftsman as well as a good conversationalist.  It was great to have her  helping us.  In the end we accomplished what we set out to do.  The earrings were truly amazing!

After the earrings were fabulously accentuating the lobes of the two little cuties, they raced outside to play on the trampoline.  This is when the crisis occurred.  The new earring in Addie’s right ear rebelled, jumped from her lobe, and hid in the grass while she was jumping.  The next thing I saw, from inside the house, was the two girls kneeling on the ground praying.  They asked God to help them find the missing earring!  Unfortunately, “…faith without works is dead”.  They only actually looked for the missing earring for about 30 seconds before they went back to playing.  So, in the end, the earring was never recovered!