Jack-O-Lanterns Oct31


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It was very convenient that our FatherMoment date landing on Halloween morning and that we has two big uncarved pumpkins from our garden!

DevotionalWe started with a nice little devotional reading from the Friend. After we jumped into the kitchen and started cleaning Startout the guts from our pumpkins. I was surprised that Scott didn’t like this part a little more than he did. She thought it was a little gross, which should have been perfect for a six year old boy.

Once the pumpkins were ready we got out some markers and drew the faces that we wanted. Scott wanted me to do the actual carving. I must admit that I love being able to do fun things with the kids as I take just as much joy is being creative and making things. We both agreed that our pumpkins turned out awesome as did the picture of the pumpkins in the dark!

GutsWith the pumpkins completed we placed them on our doorstep for Halloween and then headed over to the Avenue Bakery for some donuts. This has been our preferred Bakery as of late Darkbecause of one of their donuts called an “MJ”, which is filled marshmallow cream and coated with powder sugar on the outside. It is really sweet and everything that a donut should be. The other nice thing is that there is a place to sit down and eat at. This is where we were a lot to chat and catch up on life. I was able to tell Scott how proud I am of his incredible behavior and performance at school. He is my only child that got straight A’s this last term, and we constantly hear from his teachers about his exemplary behavior. Donut