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J Dawgs


On Thursday night I was quite sick and I ended up getting to bed quite late since my company had their Christmas party, that night, at the Gateway in Salt Lake.  Grandma T-dogg was gracious enough to watch our kids, but this made our Saucenight a little bit later since I needed to drive her home when the night was over.  It was nice being able to chat with her as we drove.Gross

Anyway, as I was getting ready for bed I asked Alicia, “Do you think Aspen remembered that we have our date tomorrow?”.  Shortly after asking I noticed a note on my pillow that Aspen had written.  It said, “Dear Dad, I love you so much!  You are the best dad ever!  I am so excited for our date!  Sleep good!”  Well, to make a long story short, I ended up making the decision to postpone her date until Saturday.  In the morning I was awoken by Aspen at 6:45 AM, saying, “Dad, did you forget about our date?”  I explained to her that I was quite sick and I asked her if I could take her out on Saturday instead.  She was very nurturing and understanding.  She jumped in bed with me and was so cute.  She started giving me a little back rub.  She is a sweet and tender girl.  I ended up staying home from work that day.

CookiesOn Saturday afternoon, we snuck off for our date.  I was still sick, so we kept it CookieSmilesimple.  We decided to take advantage of the fact that stores were open and we decided on a little lunch with a treat.  We started our date with the intention of eating at Dicky’s.  On the way there, I talked Aspen into trying J Dawgs, and I was excited thinking that she would really like it.  You might be able to tell from the pictures that she wasn’t a fan of the special sauce.  Oh well!  She still liked her Dawg with ketchup.

After lunch we slipped over to Smart Cookie where Aspen picked, what would be my last pick of cookies.  She went with a peanut butter cookie and a double chocolate cookie.  I went with a sugar cookie!  After eating our cookies we lingered at the store and chatted for a moment.  I had a chance to tell Aspen some specific reasons as to why I love her.  It was a great date!