Indoor Soccer Feb03


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Indoor Soccer

I was a little surprised when Aspen told me that she wanted to play soccer this morning.  The last time that I coached her team she seemed much more interested in cheering on the sideline and making up chants than playing.  Our FatherMoments was a little thrown off this weekend.  I launched a new website, YO Challenge, on Friday and needed to postpone Chase’s date to Saturday.  He didn’t want to get up early on a Saturday (Oh no!  It is starting.)  So, Aspen gladly jumped her date up a week.

We simply went over to our church building with a soccer ball and planned on kicking around in the gym.  When we arrived, we were surprised that there were a group of Elders shooting around in the gym, so we ended up kicking around in the nursery room.  It was a lot of fun playing with Aspen because she was really getting into it.  Soccer didn’t last too long, so we decided to go play some games on the whiteboard in my office.  We played hang-the-devil, squares, and tic-tac-toe.  Aspen, of course, beat me at everything!  I love how much fun the little things are when I am with my children.

After a morning of random games we headed over McDonalds where we bought Aspen 2 Cinnamon Melts (the third one in the picture was mine!).  I tried telling her that I was only going to let her get 1, but she has me wrapped around her little finger.  It is so much easier saying, “No”, to my boys.  My little girls take after the mother, and are excellent at manipulating me!