Indiana Jones Dec09


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Indiana Jones

Guess who thinks his dad is super cool because of his gaming skillz?  Correct Answer: Chase!

Chase had been struggling with the “Escape the Mines” level on Wii’s Indiana Jones game, and badly wanted me to spend some time helping him figure it out.  You can only imagine his great surprise when we ended up passing “Escape the Mines”, “Battle on the Bridge”, and some other level that was so easy that it was not even worth my time memorizing!  To say the least, he has a little perma-grin going on today.

Anyway, before the conquering began we actually started the morning by working on his Faith in God requirements.  This is an inspired program that I am trying to repent and be more involved with.  We discussed the eighth article of faith, and then spent a little time memorizing it.  The discussion part was nice, because our belief that the Bible has a few translation errors, and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God that supports and clarifies what the Bible teaches is a pretty significant difference between the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and other Christian religions that believe that the Bible is perfect, and that God never revealed anything to any of his other children on the earth, and that he stopped sending revelation after Christ was crucified.

After our devotional we simply gamed it up for the remainder of the morning.  The only part that was not very cool was that Chase’s character was the star, Indiana Jones, while my character was some female girl.  What made it worse, and even a little awkward, was that Chase’s character (Indiana), at one point kissed my character (some girl).  This was when I threatened to stop playing the game with him if that crap were to happen just one more time.

Other than that, I enjoyed being with Chase and I hope he knows how much I love him!