Ice Jumping May17


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Ice Jumping


It is so good to be back in the county and with my family.  I am still a bit jet lagged from my trip so Scott (and Alicia) allowed me to do my FatherMoment date on Friday night.  It worked out good because Chase had soccer tryouts up at field Wrestlersby my parents place.  We dropped Chase off and then headed to the Gardner pad for some fun.  Scott was nice enough to allow Lola to come and join our date, which was appreciated by Alicia.

We started out with a solid 30 minutes of rough and tough wrestling.  Lola adds a great element of fun to this since she is still allowed to do punches and kicks to the head.  She is a lethal Lola-and-Scottlittle thing that I have to watch out for.  Scott’s move off choice is the “Flying Knee Driver”, which is very similar to a pile driver, but with the knee instead of the elbow.  We played three full rounds and I was the wimp that tapped-out each time.  I think Scott and Lola were a little extra trough tonight since they were putting on a show for their grandparents.

JumpAfter the big fight the kids were both feeling hot, so we decided to go out on to the trampoline and jump with ice-cubes.  They loved this!  It was so funny to watch them jump around and play.  Lola looked like a rag doll half of the time as Scott bounced her all over.  I did my best to get some good pictures, but it was very hard with how much they were moving.  The ones in this post are my best.Cocoa

Last, the kids were feeling a little cold after jumping around.  The air was cool with a slight breeze.  So, we headed inside for a nice cup of baby Jo (hot chocolate).  It was a fantastic evening!  In one month I will be done with school and have a little more time and energy for these dates.