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Scotland is an official Handyman!  My kids have not had light in their closet for about 3 months, so we decided to take advantage of our FatherMoment to do a little home maintenance.

It was really good to spend some time with Scott tonight since earlier I had over-reacted to a situation where he had hurt little Lola Jean.  I had scared him pretty bad because of the speed and intensity to which I pulled him away from his sister.  Anyway, I didn’t handle it well and felt bad about the incident.  I started our date by having a little prayer with Scott and then by taking some time to apologize to him and tell him how much I love him.  Scott is extremely cute to talk to one on one when he is being sincere.  As I told him I was sorry he took the opportunity to remind me of a time, 1 year ago, when I had scratched his face with a fork.  I re-apologized for that incident while I was at it.  Lucky for me, Scotland is forgiving.

After chatting we grabbed the ladder, some screwdrivers, and some energy efficient bulbs and headed to the closet where Scotland courageously mounted the ladder and climbed his way to the top.  He struggled at first with unscrewing the old bulb, which caused his two older sisters to start cheering him on with words of encouragement, like, “Come on Scott, you can do it”.  Needless to say, he looked a little proud once he finally was able to remove the old bulb.  After screwing in the new bulb we gave the command to “turn on the light”.  Scott’s face was lit up brighter than the new bulb because of his sense of accomplishment.

Once the task was completed we headed out in search of an awesome treat.  We tried Dippidee’s where we were planning on getting a huge brownie.  They were closed.  Our next stop was Flour Girls and Dough Boys, but they were closed also.  We finally arrived at Paradise Bakery where Scotland was delighted to pick out two cookies to take home and enjoy with some cold milk.  Once thing that made me proud was how he used his charm and was able to get one of the workers, Shelly, to give him a free lemon cookie that had been broken.  We made sure Shelly made it into the blog because of this act.

We finished the date at home around the kitchen table where we consumed the goodies.  It was a perfect end to me day!