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Gumball Machine

Apparently, ever since December 9th 2011, Scotland has been very excited to go and buy some “animals that you put in the water.”  Last week we were going through this site and looking at some of the dates that we have done in the past.  Scotland saw the picture of our FatherMoment titled, “Gifts” and instantly knew what he wanted to do.

We started our date by talking about the picture of Samuel the Lamanite preaching to the wicked Nephites on the wall.  It was a nice little devotional that left Scott feeling quite invincible.

We ran into a little hick-up because our camera card was full with over 1,200 pictures; so, we had to wait a bit while these images were uploaded to our computer.  While waiting a tried to Scotland into doing some exercises with me.  For the last 4 weeks I have started again doing what I did on my mission for two years, where I did push-ups and situps every day incrementing the amount by 1 on a weekly basis.  Scott was cute about this!  He told me that he was too tired to do exercises, but that he would count for me while I did mine.  I did get him to do a few push-ups for the sake of getting a picture.  After this we tested Scott’s courage in a wrestling match where I was a tiger.

After we were finally ready to go we head over to Walmart to buy the prize.  In route we found ourselves waiting at a stop light for a while.  Out of the blue Scott proclaimed, “Whoa!  That red light just freaked me out!  It said, ‘It’s going to be a bloody day’.”  I started laughing and thought it was quite funny… one, because I think Scott’s gift of being able to communicate with street lights is a little odd, and two, the ability for street lights to prophesy of future events, to me, is very remarkable!

Walmart was, well…. Walmart (nothing too special to report).  One disappointing finding was that the price on “foam creatures encapsulated in dissolving pill-like things” (I am not sure what they’re officially called) has jumped from $1.00 to $3.00!  Holy Crap Walmart!  Whatever happened to being the low price leader?  I am still as cheap as they come and I couldn’t bring myself to waster the money.  Lucky for me, Scotland was distracted by the many other toys and wasn’t a bit disappointed in having to select something else.  His first choice was a $40 Nerf gun.  After explaining that he only had a budget of $5, and explaining that his firs 20 choices were above his budget, he finally found a suitable purchase… a gumball machine.  His second choice was a Batman mask that made him look very intimidating!

There was nothing special after this other than the fact that Scott did a great job of sharing his candy with his siblings.