Guillotine Jan11


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As I was driving home from school late last night I was talking on the phone with Alicia.  She told me how Aspen was super excited about our date and how she came in just before bed and said, “I know that dad Chairnever forgets, but please remind him anyway to wake up early for our date tomorrow.”  I love how my kids still get excited for our dates!Scriptures

I didn’t know what our plans were when I woke Aspen this morning, because she still undecided the day before when I asked her abot what she wanted to do.  After cuddling up and reading about how God communicates with His children on the earth through scriptures (the written words of His prophets), Aspen decided that Eeny Meeny Miny Moe was the best way to decide on our activity.  We each wrote down three ideas and then went through the process.  In the end fate chose for us to play Guillotine, which was a game IniMinithat Aspen had never before played.

We sat at the kitchen table and played the game for theExecutioner next 30+ minutes.  Aspen caught on very quickly and had no troubles understanding and playing the game.  I was impressed with her ability to think strategically and logically, which made it so that I didn’t have to take it easy on her.  In the end of a closely fought battle the final score was 56 to 57 where I was able to beat her by just 1 point!  I have gotten much better about not gloating and making a big deal of my superior intellect and brain power.  In fact, Alicia has even commented recently about how I am one of the humblest people she knows (I only share this comment to inspire others to be awesome).

Of course throughout the game it was great being able to just watch my little girl and think about how much I love her.  She is a beautiful spirit with a sweet heart!