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Did anyone else create a “fat budget” this Christmas season?  Personally, I planned on gaining about 10 disgusting pounds during the holidays, and thanks to our FatherMoment, this afternoon, I think I will be right on track.

Christmas falls on Sunday this year, and I happen to have an assignment to perform some service on this morning at 8:00 AM.  So, we decided to contact Santa and make arrangements to do Christmas one day early.  With that stated, we treated Friday night (23rd) like it was Christmas Eve and got together with my family for a little party.  Zoe and I volunteered to bring the treats and spent the afternoon making some delicious goodies!

Our date started by heading to the supermarket where we picked up some needed ingredients.  While we were out we decided to grab some lunch.  Of all the restaurants that I suggested, Zoe had her heart set on Costco’s food court where she could get both a hot dog and cup of root beer.  Should I be worried?  Anyway, I love this picture of her getting ready to down this huge dog!

We laughed and joked the whole time and had a lot of fun!  My favorite thing was Zoe’s new “Scary Eyes” face that she makes.  I made sure that we got a good picture of it!

When we got home we simply got to work.  She was in charge of counting out the Oreos and chopping them up in the food processor.  We added these crumbs to some cream cheese, rolled them into balls, and them dipped them in white and milk chocolate.  They were heavenly!

Our second dessert was another simple recipe that takes peanut butter and combines it with sugar.  We then rolled this mixture into balls, sandwiched them between two pretzels, and then dipped them in chocolate.  Another great little masterpiece!

As you can see from the picture, they turned out wonderful and were a smash at our family party!