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Zoe lucked out this morning!  Alicia and I are leaving on a little 9-day get-away, which means that I will not be here next week to take Zoe on date.  So, we decided to let Zoe skip school this morning and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather while hitting the sticks on the golf course.

Zoe was super excited when her morning plans changed from getting ready to go to school, to getting ready to go on a date.  On the way to the course Zoe told me about all her favorite meals.  When given the choice to eat whatever she wanted for the day, she chose a chocolate doughnut for breakfast, pizza without cheese for lunch (I told her that this would be a bread stick dipped in sauce), and macaroni for dinner.  It is not going to be difficult to please her with this feast on her upcoming birthday.

Once we arrived at the course we were pleased that they were able to get us right out, and that we were going to be able to golf by ourselves.  This made is so that we had plenty of time and Zoe was able to hit two balls each time that we stopped for me to hit my ball.  Zoe was proud that she was able to hit the ball so well, and she enjoyed all of the attention that she received from the nice old grandpas that were out this morning.

Like when I went bowling with Chase, I happen to pull out one of my best games, with some of my best shots.  The nice thing about having a camera with us is that I have a way to prove and remember the moment.  Shown in the picture is the result of my 3rd shot (not counting the 3 shots that went out of bounds, of course) on a par-5 from 150 yards out.  Not too bad!

Zoe’s favorite part was sitting on my lap and steering the cart.  She is a little crazy and enjoyed hitting the bumps, running over branches, and driving as close as she could to ditches, trees, and water hazards!