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Scott-Dogg is Santa’s official helper this year!  He has been super nice and was excited to go pick out a few gifts for his brother and sisters.

I picked Scott up from his pre-school and we started our FatherMoment.  The only problem was that I had forgotten the camera!  So, I am without any pictures for the first half of our date.

We started it by going to Arbys to get a little grub.  This was the first time that Scott has been to Arbys during his mortal existence, so it is a real shame that I didn’t have the camera to capture this historical event.  Of all the menu items available, he decided to go with the macaroni and cheese.  I wasn’t surprised because my kids only eat 4 non-junk food items… cheese pizza, hot dogs, ramen noodles, and mac and cheese.  We decided to splurge and order a cherry and a chocolate turnover.  Scott didn’t exactly like the chocolate turnover, so I ended up eating them both.  I only did this because there are starving children in China, and I didn’t want to waste the food.

After lunch, we headed to the Dollar Store where Scott was allowed to pick out “anything” he wanted.  This is very exciting for a 3-year-old!  As you can see from the picture he got some thoughtful gifts from the heart that will bring his siblings years of joy and peace.

To end the date we decided on taking a nap together.  I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep the two nights before, so I must admit that this was the best part of the date!