Gardening Jul08


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Guess who is falling in love with Gardening?  Zoe Lynn Gardner, that is who!  To my excitement, Zoe wanted to go pick up a few plants at Lowes and bring them home to plant in our garden.  I, personally, love gardening and think that working in a garden along side my children is a blissful FatherMoment.  We had recently picked our peas and broccoli and had some space available for some good Summer plants.  Upon arriving at the store, Zoe eagerly picked six plants to join our backyard oasis.  She picked cantaloupe, orange watermelon, red seedless watermelon, Spanish cucumbers, yellow squash, and zucchini squash.  She talked my ear off the entire trip to and from the store, which is a typical characteristic of Zoe’s that I love!  

Upon getting home we simply went to work and planted our new friends in their new home.  We also ended up picking all of our carrots and feeding them to our rabbits so that we would have a little extra room