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Darn the rain!  Scotland and I were planning on round two of miniature golf until the cold front decided to ruin our plans.  Scotland was accepting of the reality of the situation and gave concessions to go bowling instead.

When we arrived at Jack and Jills in Lehi Scott was instantly drawn to the flashing lights coming from the various games in the “party section” of the place.  He decisively changed the plans to cancel bowling and play the games.

We had the place to ourselves and freely moved from one game to the next.  Scotland’s favorite game was one that required him to jump over a flashing line that traveled around in circle.  I think the flashing line speeds up each time you jump over it, but I am not sure since Scott failed to successfully jump over it even once.  Don’t get me wrong, he had some great jumps, but they were all just at the wrong time.  Also, did I mention that he is white (jumping is not really in the genes)?

After playing game Scott-dog fed his tickets into the ticket counting machine to discover that he had one 89 tickets!  This was enough for him to buy some glow in the dark putty that makes farting noises, as well as a slinky.  You can only imagine his excitement!

Our last stop was to get a cookie that I promised my little boy.  We hadn’t had lunch, yet, so we decided to get a quick bite of pizza before ingesting the cookies.  It made for a great end to a great FatherMoment.