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Nothing like a little early morning soccer with my boy to start my day off right!

Chase_BOMThis is something that I am always secretly hoping that Chase will choose for our FatherMoment dates.  I prefer doing active things with my children as opposed to sitting around.  Anyway, this morning was a close call because right after our morning devotional Chase started to change his mind and said, “Maybe we should just stay home and play FIFA on your phone”.  He doesn’t get to play the little soccer app much since it is on my phone and I am never around.  Fortunately, I was able to convince him that it would be better if we went and played soccer at Jugglingthe church.

When we were there we played a few different types of games.  For our first game we set up two goals at the ends of the gym and played a game of “one-touch”, meaning that we took turns shooting at each others’ goals, but we were not allowed to touch the ball more than Kickingonce. Without being able to trap the ball, we were forced to take a bunch of shots out of the air.  Chase has a good volley, even with his left foot, and did quite well.

Our next game was like “butt ball” where we took turns kicking the soccer ball Pregnantagainst the wall.  Chase enjoyed the first game better, so we ended up going back to it after a while.

We played soccer for about an hour and I thought that it was a lot of fun.  I do, however,  get a little discouraged playing soccer now that my club foot has gotten more and more useless.  I can’t run anymore, and trying to kick with it is comical.  Oh well, I am glad that I can still fake it, and more importantly, Chase seemed to have fun too!