Frisbee Jun08


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My life continues to be crazy since I am currently sleeping in a bedroom with little Cooper and waking up with him each night for his feedings.  Nonetheless, Zoe and I were able to sneak off this morning and have a little date.  I must admit that I completely failed to plan an activity for our date, so as I was sneaking off with Zoe I grabbed a frisbee and talked her into going to a park.  I told her that if she could catch the frisbee three times then I would take her to the store where she could pick out a prize.

Well, I completely underestimate Zoe, since she caught the first three tosses that were actually to her.  I must admit that I was having a little trouble getting the frisbee right to her since I was throwing the disc with my left hand while trying to take a picture with my right hand.  Anyway, on the way to the store to claim he prize I talked with her a bit about the athletic potential that I see in her.  She is a natural little athlete.  I am curious to see if sports will play a role in her life, as well as which sports she will gravitate towards.

While we were at the store I took advantage of the opportunity to do a little grocery shopping.  Zoe took about 15 minutes to finally decide on which treat to buy, and she made up her mind four times before actually finalizing her purchase.

It was a shorter date and quite simple, but it was sure nice to sneak off with her since I hadn’t seen her in about a week.