Fox Hollow Aug19


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Fox Hollow

The day has finally arrived that I can justify playing a round of golf on the weekend!  Now that Chase is older he is asking to play golf with me.  Oh blessed day!  This is something that, in the past, I was only able to squeeze into my schedule when it was played during work hours, or on a special event like Father’s Day when I would go with my dad and brother.

We actually ended up golfing with my dad and brother who I owed a round of golf since their birthdays in April.  We played at Fox Hollow, which is a course that I really enjoy because of the mature trees and long holes.  I have a tendency to put on my coaching hat and become a little intense when it comes to “helping” Chase with various sports.  So, I made a very special effort to relax and just let him play the game and have fun.  I didn’t offer too much advice or correction and focused mostly on positively reinforcing good technique.  As you can see from the picture he has a pretty decent swing for a newbie (I do need to help him on his grip).

Chase played great and we had a lot of fun.  He is still young enough that one of the things that he enjoys most about golfing is searching for and finding other peoples lost balls.  I think that he found over 12 balls on this trip.  He loves to ask me how much each of the found balls are worth.  He gets very excited when he finds a Titleist Pro v1.  This is one of the few expensive balls that he now recognizes.   One on my favorite parts of the date was munching on some white chocolate popcorn that Chase bought for us at the pro shop.  Thanks for sharing, Chase!

It was a great Father Moment!