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Flower Seeds


Lola Jean is the cutest little thing! I love how excited she gets for our dates. She starts planning them weeks in advance, changing the plans each time she talks Donutsabout them. In the end we decided to plant some flowers and, of course, to go and buy a donut, which is her definition of a “date”. I hope the young man who takes her to prom understands this or else it is very unlikely that he will get a kiss at the doorstep.DonutBox

Anyway, our date actually took place Thursday night. I got Lola all ready for bed and was in the process of tucking her in when she looked at me with her beautiful eyes and heart-broken face and asked, “But Dad, why can’t we start our date tonight?”  This was the cute question that caused me to give in. She was very surprised when I scooped her up and said, “Okay, let’s do your date tonight!”

We started by jumping in the car and heading straight to the store to pick up a donut. I must admit that I caved and ended up getting a donut (maybe it was two) for myself. We had a delightful conversation on the car ride there and back.

SeedsWhen we arrived back at home we ate the donuts and started getting our jiffy trays ready to plant seeds. We planted a lot of petunias for our flower bed along with a few marigolds for our vegetable garden. I forgot why some people plant marigolds in their gardens, but I think it helps with bugs, and I sure think it looks cute.Planting

Once the dirt was ready I allowed Lola to use her little fingers to place the seeds in the soil. It is super cute watching her focus and concentrate on such an important task. Once the seeds were planted we added some water, covered the tray, put a seed mat underneath and placed them under a light.  I am writing this post four days later, so I will include that last night Lola and I checked on them and they had just sprouted. I hope my kids get as much joy from gardening as I do!