Fishing Trip Jul22


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Fishing Trip

Chase is a serious fisherman these days!  Unfortunately, I am not the greatest fishing guide.  Nonetheless, we packed up the car and journeyed to Strawberry Reservoir in pursuit of catching some big cutthroat trout.

We started our trip by stopping off at Train Burger in Heber where we got some greasy food and awesome shakes!  Shortly thereafter we were casting our hooks into the moss from the shore.  I should mention that Chase kindheartedly allowed Scotland to join us on our expedition.  This meant that we had to cater a lot of our activities to a 3-year old.  We ended up not fishing too long, staying up too late, or telling rated PG-13 bedtime stories that were too scary.

In the morning we ate a simple breakfast and tore down our camp quickly.  Within about 30 minutes of rising, we found ourselves sitting on the shore and, well… just sitting there, hoping to catch a fish, as we sat.  It was exciting, to say the least!  Scotland and Chase ended up playing in the water the whole time catching crawdads.  They, of course, loved this and it didn’t seem to phase them a bit that we were not catching any fish.

My favorite part of the trip was simply watching Chase and Scotland laugh and play together.  I love sitting back and observing my children when they are being kind to each other.  It was also fun watching how intensely they “hunted” for crawdads.  One of my favorite things about children is how little things are huge adventures for them.

Last, I should mention that I forget to bring a camera with us on this trip!  So, the pictures being used in this post are actually from another fishing trip that we went on two weeks before.